Who are Trustees?

School board trustees are the members of the District’s school board. They are locally-elected by the part of the District they represent, and they are the community’s advocate for public education. They are required to carry out their responsibilities in a manner that assists the board in fulfilling its duties under the Nevada Constitution.


What do the Trustees do?

A trustee’s role is to maintain a focus on student achievement and well-being and to participate in making decisions that benefit the entire District while representing the interests of his or her constituents. Trustees must also communicate the views and decisions of the board back to their constituents.

Only the team (the Board), not an individual trustee, has the authority to make decisions or take action. A school board must place all students first when making any decision.  Trustees are required to uphold the implementation of any board resolution after it is passed by the board. In exercising their role, they are required to comply with the law.


When are Trustees Elected?

Trustees are elected to a four-year term in alternating election years.  Three Trustees are elected in non-presidential years and four are elected in presidential election years.  


Why do we need Trustees?

Because trustees are accountable to their electorate. School board trustees have a responsibility to all the families in their community – not just their neighbors, and not just families with school-aged children. They work with their school board colleagues and with other community partners to ensure that all the students within the board’s jurisdiction have equal opportunities to reach their maximum potential.

How do trustees govern?

Trustees govern through policy.  Policies set out the expectations about what should happen or how services are to be provided within the school board. A well-written policy describes to parents, the public and the board’s staff, what they can expect. The Board of Trustees ensure that the superintendent carries out responsibilities for implementing board’s policies.


What should I look for in a candidate for School Board Trustee?

Trustees are people who demonstrate their leadership in the following key areas:

  • Establishing vision to ensure a strong public education system

  • Setting goals for student achievement

  • Undertaking assessment to measure progress

  • Promoting accountability throughout the school board

  • Allocating resources in ways that ensure equity of opportunity and demonstrate accountability

  • Establishing a respectful, caring, professional climate throughout the school board

  • Creating collaborative relationships inside the board and across the community

  • Promoting continuous improvement

  • Promoting community involvement and establishing communications

Kali Fox Miller