Kali Fox Miller


Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

Canarelli, Lawrence and Heidi MS

Phone: 702-799-1340

Motto: Enrich, Believe, Excel, Become

Principal: Ms. Monica Lang

Faiss, Wilbur & Theresa MS

Phone: 702-799-6850

Principal: Roger West

Fertitta, Victoria MS

Phone: 702-799-1900

Motto: Soar Above and Beyond.
Principal: Dr. Cailin Ellis

Guinn, Kenny C MS

Phone: 702-875-4226

Motto: Rising to the Challenge
Principal: Ms. Georgia Taton

Lawrence, Clifford J JHS

Phone: 702-799-2540

Motto: Our PRIDE Leads to Success
Principal: Mrs. Bevelyn R. Smothers

Sawyer, Grant MS

Phone: 702-799-5980

Motto: Where Opportunities Run Free
Principal: Mr. Gregory Mingo

Tarkanian, Lois & Jerry MS

Phone: 702-799-6801

Principal: Reece Oswalt

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Tony Alamo Elementary School

Phone: 702-799-2590

Motto: Dream, Believe, Achieve

Principal: Todd Lindberg

Batterman, Kathy L Elementary School

Phone: 702-799-1920

Our Motto: Fly High, Make a Difference!
Principal: Mr. Christopher Sparrow

Bendorf, Patricia A ES

Phone: 702-799-4440

Motto: We care, we cooperate, we continue to achieve.
Principal: Joanna Gerali-Schwartz

Blue Diamond ES

Phone: 702-875-4226

Motto: Honor and Pride
Principal: Shawn Paquette

Bryan, Roger M ES

Phone: 702-799-1270

Motto: If It's To Be, It's Up To Me!
Principal: Dr. Leslie Brinks

Christensen, M J ES

Phone: 702-799-4390

Motto: Expanding Our Horizons
Principal: Mrs. Angela Jacobs

Decker, C H ES

Phone: 702-799-5920

Motto: Taking Giant Steps Towards Success
Principal: Mrs. Alice Roybal Benson

Diskin, P A ES

Phone: 702-799-5930

Motto: Rigor, Relevance & Relationships
Principal: Regina Ballard

Dondero, Harvey N ES

Phone: 702-799-5930

Motto: Learning To Be Successful
Principal: Poster, Melonie R

Earl, Marion B ES

Phone: 702-799-8181

Motto: Aim High
Principal: Belinda Schauer

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High Schools

Alternative/ Special Education

Florence McClure Women's Correctional Center Adult HS/Jean Conservation Camp Adult HS

Phone: 702-668-7228

Southwest Behavior J/SHS

Phone: 702-799-5904
Principal: Dr. Caryl Suzuki

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Desert Oasis HS

Phone: 702-799-6881

Principal: Ms. Kelly O'Rourke

Durango HS

Phone: 702-799-6850
Motto: Dedication, Hard Work and Success

Principal: Mr. Nathan Miller

Sandy Valley HS

Phone: 702-723-1800

Motto: Blazing a Trail to Excellence
Principal: Dawna Alexander

Sierra Vista HS

Phone: 702-875-4226

Motto: Reason to Roar: Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Principal: Dr. John Anzalone

Southwest Career & Tech Academy HS

Phone: 702-799-5766

Principal:Donna Levy

Spring Valley HS

Phone: 702-799-2580

Principal: Tam Larnerd

West Career & Tech Academy

Phone: 702-799-4340

Principal: Ms. Dockter-Rozar

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