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Every Child. Every Zip Code.

What if we could advance the fight for equity in our schools today? For Every Child? In Ever Zip Code?


I am running for Clark County School Board, District F because I believe every child has a right to feel safe, productive, and seen in our schools.


I understand the challenges our children, parents, and teachers are facing because I have been an ally and an advocate, helping to communicate their frustrations at the school, state, and federal level and enact meaningful change for over 20 years. 


The Clark County School District has long been one of the most under resourced school districts in our nation. We have classroom sizes that have grown larger than any other district, our children with disabilities must fight for access to services they need and are entitled to, and teachers and staff are screaming that burdens of budget deficiencies are disproportionately affecting them, and those burdens are getting larger by the day.


We can live up to the vision of Every Child in Every Zip Code. First, we must ensure that every board decision is based on advancing equity. Then we must focus on providing our children with more rigorous academics and career and technical education. Finally, we must see everything through the eyes of our licensed and non-licensed professionals.


We do not have to be each other’s enemy in the fight to save our school district. We can move forward together in the spirit of friendship, transparency, and empathy for one another’s position.


I am building a team of fierce fighters for the rights of our children and our community. I would be honored if you would join me by going to and signing up to Volunteer, Make a Donation, or by simply making a Plan to Vote.


Every Child in Every Zip Code has a right to a quality education and when our children don’t feel safe, productive, and seen they are being denied that right.


Yours in service,


Kali Fox Miller

Candidate, Clark County School Board Trustee, District F

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