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A New Leader  

A New Direction

20+ Years Education Advocate

President Elect Nevada PTA

Regulatory Compliance Attorney

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The LiteracyPlan
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We live in a state where too many children and their families have been left out and left behind. We live in a state with incredible resources, but they don’t make it to the people who need it.

As a School Board Trustee, I will steer CCSD to becoming a school district where every student can move up and move forward, to succeed—not just survive.


That’s why I created the Literacy Plan.  The Literacy Plan is based on the science of reading, the only method scientifically proven to teach every child how to read.

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There Shouldn't Be An Opportunity Gap

Every Child has the Right to an Education

When our children don't feel safe, productive and seen they are being denied that right

Advance the Fight for Equity



Prioritizing effective violence prevention and response plans  developed in cooperation with school and health officials, parents, and community members. 


Developing clearly defined rules and limits for all students so that they know what is expected of them and the consequences for not complying.

Up to date training on what's normal behavior for children so we can help parents and teachers recognize even small changes in behavior and give them an early warning that something is troubling our youth.


Rigorous Academics and Career and Technical Education

Investing in programs and resources that parents and teachers are telling us are most important to students


Integrating real world skills into every curriculum.

Addressing chronic absenteeism without punishing parents or children

Reduce class sizes, improve our schools functionality, and expand services that make their students’ lives safer and more stable.


Teachers and Staff

Protecting Licensed and Non-Licensed staff in budgeting decisions.

Prioritizing the retention of all teachers and staff who work directly with students on a daily basis in policy and budget decision making. 

Focusing on finding solutions to the dramatic revenue loss suffered in the wake of the 2008 Great Recession and any future economic downturns.

Where I Stand

"I don't just care about our schools; I care about every person in them."

My name is Kali Fox Miller. I am a fourth generation Nevadan and a proud third generation graduate of the Clark County School District.

As an attorney and education advocate, I understand the challenges our children are facing when they enter the job market today.  I sit on a board that provides workforce re-training for those seeking meaningful employment right here in Las Vegas.  

I also understand the frustrations of parents and educators in their fight to ensure that the needs of all our children are met; I have been an ally and an advocate, helping to communicate their frustrations at the school, state, and federal level and enact meaningful change for over 20 years. 


Endorsements & Designations

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8020 S. Rainbow, Ste 100-493
Las Vegas, NV 89139

(702) 287-3344

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